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Fly Tying Interview with Michal Wierzbicki

The next fly tier in our series is Michal Wierzbicki. You can follow him on Instagram.

TH: When did you first begin fly fishing?
MW: My adventure with fly fishing and fly tying began very early when I was 9 years old. The beginning was very classic, I started with my dad both fly fishing as fly tying. Initially, I tied very simple patterns of dry palmer and nymph flies, to develop over time and make more and more difficult patterns. So I can say that I have been fishing and fly tying over 21 years.

TH: What led to your decision to start tying flies?
MW: This was the result of need. About 20 years ago in Poland, where I come from, it was admittedly possible to buy artificial flies, but very soon it turned out that they are not always well suited to fishing holes, so at the suggestion of my father I started tying flies by myself. I can say that fly tying from the beginning was the adventure that in adult life become a way of life and work. Now, I am very happy to be able to do something that makes me satisfied and this is how I make a living.

TH: What was the first fly pattern that you tied?
MW: When it comes to the first fly pattern that I tied, they were simple nymphs and dry flies. The nature of the rivers in which my dad and I fished was fast water, however rather shallow. That determined the use of garmannus and hydropsyche larva nymphs, tied from dubbing and as Polish woven style, and dry palmer flies.

Fly Fishing Fly Tying

TH: What is your favorite fly pattern to tie?
MW: Ah, good question! But not so simple to answer, because I love fly tying and like tying every type of flies, but if I must choose one, definitely will be woven style flies. I like very much two-tone effect which you can use with this technique and give a lot of different possibilities to tie realistic, and fantasy patterns. It is true that this technique isn't so simple but I have 20-years of experience, which gives me skill to tied woven flies from size #20 to up.

TH: Which fly pattern of yours are you most proud of?
MW: I can say that I’m proud of all my woven flies. But on the other hand, for me the best fly is when you like their look and you catch a fish using it. When some pattern gives these two things together you can be proud of this fly.

TH: What has been your most memorable fly fishing experience?
MW: I will always remember some spring day on San River (southern Poland, Bieszczady Mountains). It was a very sunny and quite warm day. Conditions were almost perfect, after quite a slow morning in the river, at 10 a.m., an amazing hatch of March Brown started. It was amazing to end the day, I caught a lot of big fish using my favorite dry fly technique. This was an amazing show and really good fishing day with dry fly imitation of March Brown size #10. After that I have never had such a good day as this one. Of course many times fishing in this place I had good results, but this day was just amazing.

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