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Featured Fly Tiers — Gabe Dezendor

Fly Tying Interview with Gabe Dezendorf

The latest fly tying interview is with Gabe Dezendor, a.k.a flydezeflies TH:When did you first begin fly fishing?GD: I began fly fishing about 20 years ago, when I was 11. I didn’t actually begin to get into it until 2014 when my dad sent me a rod, reel, and box of flies. I lived right next to Boulder Creek, in Colorado and started fishing at least twice a week. TH: What led to your decision to start tying flies?GD: I started tying flies because I was under the false impression that I would save money. Once I started however, I realized that catching a fish on a fly you tied yourself is so much more rewarding. Now I enjoy tying...

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