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Strawberry Reservoir in early November

Strawberry Reservoir

The weather was going to be great so we decided to take out the boat for the last time of the season. We couldn't have picked a better day, but so did dozens of other anglers. The boat dock at Renegade was packed. We loaded up the boat and headed out.

We started by going south of the boat dock but had no luck. Shore fisherman and a boat next to us caught a few, but there was nothing hitting our Woolly Buggers. We decided to row back to the other bay. On the way, we caught our first one, right by the dock. We were trolling an Olive Woolly Bugger. 

Around the bend, we found success about 100 yards from the shore and drifting with the wind. We caught a monster as the second fish and caught 4 more in about 30 minutes. It then got really slow. We headed back and caught one more but that was it. The wind started picking up which made it a challenge to row in the boat. All in all, it was a great day at Strawberry. 

All 8 fish caught on either a white, red or olive Woolly Bugger. 

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